2 thoughts on “Six ways to debunk the mindmap in favour of the essay plan

  1. Jonathan, I do like this assessment of mind maps – they seem great as brain dumps, but you still have to structure what is in your mind. So a good tool for those who have so many words in their head that they don’t know where to start. And following that brain dump exercise up with the idea of the flower with six petals is perfect. I wish someone had told me that a few years ago when I had to write essays for my Masters degree. Professor Hammersley still remembers the trouble I had to write essays.

    • Trouble is I just winged it with the mind map for a TMA; never again. Professionally as a writer I am always meticulous about structure from synopsis to treatment to first, second, third and final drafts; this is how I will write the ECA that is due at the end of September. Thanks for stopping by. Jonathan.

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