The brilliance of well produced video in e-learning – from Open Learn at the Open University

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The brilliance of the OU team two years ago produced the History of English in Ten minutes – here we go again with ten one minute long animated vignettes on the great ideas and great thinkers in economists. Had I seen this as a 17 year old perhaps I would have stuck with a subject that I dropped after a couple of months in favour of History. I like narrative and personalities, indeed storytelling in the form of a biography is an excellent way into a subject – you relate to the person in the story and you get an easy and appealing introduction to the topic.

Getting this right takes skill – a clear brief, excellent script, high production values (artist, animators, voice over) throughout and of course a budget that makes it possible. A minute at the top of a piece of e-learning isn’t too much to expect is it? If, in this case, the video serves its key purpose of attracting those interested in economics to a Free Open Learn Course.

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