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Web Networks – from the micro to the macro

We are each unique – our brains make us so. At the microlevel the network in our heads is then tickled out into the the Web in, at first. the simplest of ways. Our first post, our first comment is

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Reading ‘Red Nile: a biography of the world’s greatest river’ – a gem

At times you laugh out loud, always informative, great stories, full of well-known facts with a twist, as well as a myriad of gems. The kind of book I would have bought and sent to people for the pleasure of

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13 Learning Theories for e-learning

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What’s going on in there? This apparently!

New Scientist 9 February 2013 Mind Maths by Colin Barras

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Teenagers and technology

Fig.1. Letters from Iwa Jima. Clint Eastwood directed Movie. In one of those bizarre, magic ways the brain works, last nigmt I watched the Clint Eastwood film ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ then stayed up reading in bed (quest for a

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I’ll be through this in 24 hours. 48 if I keep pausing to add notes to the highlights, longer if I download and read any references … and longer still if I apply it directly to the first tutor marked

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To teach is to nurture and the best metaphor for the mind is to see it as a garden

Uta Firth wants knowledge of the brain to inform education the way knowledge of the body informs medicine.

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Could blogging be seen as a scholarly activity?

Blogging developed alongside the web in the mid 1990s and has its routes in keeping a diary, or a writer’s journal, even notes kept by students.

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All you need to know about blogging that you can’t be bothered to research for yourself because you’re too busy blogging …

Fig. 1. Passion at work: Blogging practices of knowledge workers (2009) by Lilia Efimova Doctoral thesis published by Novay. I’ve come to this thesis for a number of reasons: I’ve been blogging since September 1999, sometimes obsessively so, such as

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