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Making sense of the complexities of e-learning

Wordle And is visualised in many ways, Engestrom (2007) <img src=" mce_href=" mce_src=" mce_href="Mycorrhizae thinks in term of fungi. My own take is a lichen: The language you use carries with it connotations and hidden assumptions. You need to make

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21 ways to persuade others to blog

Reasons to blog

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27 persuasive reasons to blog today

Reasons to be a blogger: 1, 2, 3 …

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Finding meaning across the fluid and complex world of e-learning

Finding ways to express meaning in the complex world of e-learning

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‘And so to bed’. Learn to blog with Samuel Pepys and this wonderful BBC dramatisation of his diaries

Dramatisation of Samuel Pepys’s diaries for BBC Radio 4. Is this an invitation to start a diary of your own?

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Why you should act it out as a way to learn and do so in a virtual world

We role-play as children to make sense of the world, we take on multiple personas to some degree in real-life as well.. I am particularly taken by the way people with a disability can walk in a virtual world (Peachy)

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Can dentistry be taught online?

I go to the dentist. He tutors online and has had problems with this. Before and after a check-up, replacement filling and de-scaling we discuss the pros and cons of e-learning over residential schools. Dentistry, quite frankly, isn’t one that

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12 metaphors visualised to aid thinking about the brilliance of blogging

Why blog? Old ways vs. New ways Isolated vs. Connected Visible vs. Invisible or rather Silent or a presence or sphere of influence ____________________________________________________________  What do you think? As an academic As an author (or wannabe writer) As a journalist

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How, where and when do you learn?

Think about your own learning – the resources and tools you use, where and when it takes place. Early mornings from 4.00am, weekends, mornings only ’til 10.00 or so. Occasionally some reading in the evening. But vicariously too, in a

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Making meaning of complexity and change through metaphor

H800 wk23 a Activity 2 Stepping over the edge ‘A key characteristic of these new technologies is “learning by doing” – users need to be immersed in and “play with” the affordances that these new digital environments offer, and hence

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